AMC of Transformer by OTPL

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) is a service provided to customers at a cost, that helps keep their products in proper working condition after free product services offered by the company are already provided.

As our customer base expands, our services and obligation towards our customers also increases at the same pace. We have introduced AMC services for our valued clients to help run their business smoothly. We have 4 categories of AMC. Subscribing to our annual maintenance package helps our clients to enhance their transformer performance durability.

Our maintenance team, consisting of well-equipped and skilled manpower, is ready to carry all maintenance tasks flawlessly with a better turnaround time than other players in the market.

The annual maintenance contract is our new addition to increase clients' productivity and life span of the transformers. We provide all possible emergency facilities for any type of failure that the transformer may encounter.

Benefits of AMC for Transformers:

1) Increases the life of the Transformers

2) Better Returns on Investment

3) Prevention From Sudden Breakdown

4) Cost-effective

  • - In case of damage, repair cost or maintenance cost is very less than the cost of a new transformer.
  • - Regular maintenance of transformer will ensure no major damage occurs for a longer period.

5) Healthy life of Transformers

  • - Transformer is a major and costly part of any electrical transmission and distribution system.
  • - A healthy transformer can assure a healthy electrical system

6) Optimum performance by the transformers


1) Immediate Assistance In case of Breakdown

2) Availability of spare transformers

3) Better turnaround time

4) 24×7 Mobile Van service equipped with modern tools and predictive support

5) OTPL has formulated a dedicated specialized team to give proper support in maintenance work to our clients.

6) From single inspection to long term maintenance relationship through AMC

7) Optimum customer satisfaction

Possible damages that occur due to non-maintenance:
  • - Oil Oxidation
  • - OLTC contacts wear
  • - Weather and UV affects
  • - Corrosion in extreme environment
Test to be performed:
  • - Dielectric strength of transformer oil
  • - Condition Monitoring
  • - BDV value of oil
  • - Continuity Test
  • - Ratio Test
  • - Insulation Resistance / Megger Value of the Transformer
  • - Winding Resistance
  • - Testing of OLTC and RTCC panel with AVR in case of transformer with OLTC.
Types of AMC:

Depending upon the customer's need, OTPL offers different types of AMC contracts. You can choose the contract based on your regular product usage requirement and the stress it undergoes.

Listed below are the types of Annual Maintenance Contracts provided.


OTPL provides an option for the customer to extend the Guarantee Period of their transformer while purchasing the New Transformer at a very Minimal Cost. Furthermore, they can benefit from the features of our AMC service along with it.


OTPL provides an option for the customer to extend the Guarantee Period of their transformer if their guarantee period is about to expire (Minimum Spam of 2 months) after a joint inspection of their Transformer by paying a very Minimal amount.


OTPL provides AMC service for customers whose guarantee period has already expired to extend the durability of their transformer.


OTPL provides AMC Service for the customers who are using different brand of transformers and are looking to improve the life of their Transformer.

Scope of service:
  • - Checking the Transformer for its smooth running and increasing its longevity
  • - Observing the Transformer for any unusual Noise or Leakage
  • - Checking Transformer Oil level and filling it up in case of shortage
  • - To check whether Breather is there or not, condition of Silica gel inside the breather
  • - Cleaning of air filter elements and changing them if required
  • - Drain Lubricant oil sump, clean sump strainers, renew lubricating oil and prime the system whenever if becomes due
  • - Carrying out valve tappet setting as and when required
  • - Checking the condition of painting of the Transformer
  • - To check whether any part of transformer rusted / damaged
  • - Checking of proper function of various instruments, instrument panel and changing them as required
  • - Diagnosis of various faults and their rectification
  • - Checking and fault finding of the electrical systems associated with the transformer
  • - General Cleaning and greasing of the transformer
  • - Changing of Gaskets
  • - Testing of OLTC , RTCC panel board with AVR in case of having the OLTC in transformer
  • - Fault simulation and verification, function of relays, MCB /MCCB and Contractors
  • - Insulation testing of alternators one in six months
Preventive maintenance:

a) During the visit of our Technical Team, they will inform the customer about the condition of the extra fittings like Oil, Gasket and spare parts. In case of replacement, a minimal amount will be charged as compared to the market price and labor charges will be free of cost.

b) In case the transformer needs to be shifted to factory for repair purpose, the replacement shall be made in lieu of a substituted transformer.

c) If the Transformer burns, the transformer will be opened at our site after joint inspection.

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